Labelmaster's Placard FinderSM

Regulatory Note

Placards found in Labelmaster's Placard FinderSM may not be applicable for all shipments of hazardous materials. Consult 49 CFR 172.500 for all exceptions and alternatives of placarding.


Labelmaster's Placard FinderSM provides the user with links to Labelmaster DOT hazard class placards based on a DOT UN number entered. Information used in the Placard Finder is reproduced from the 49 CFR Parts 100-185 and should be used in addition to these regulations. Placard Finder is used with the understanding that Labelmaster is not engaging in rendering any legal, accounting or other professional service. Consult the official code for all conflicts. Labelmaster shall not be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the materials or information described and/or contained in this site and assumes no responsibility for any user's use of them.

Service Mark

Labelmaster's Placard FinderSM is a Service Mark of Labelmaster, An American Labelmark Company. You may not duplicate, reproduce, make derivative works of or distribute the design, layout or concept of it's components and services.