Labelmaster DOT Hazmat Placard Types

We have the placard types for all your hazmat shipments. Choose the type the best fits your shipment.

Select a DOT Placard Type

DOT worded placards can be used for domestic highway, rail and water shipments. Designed in accordance with 49 CFR 172.519, these placards measure 273mm × 273mm.
Versatile DOT placards in 7 hazard classes, ready to ship. DOT blank 4–digit placards are primarily used on bulk shipments for highway, rail and water. Identification numbers, as prescribed in 49 CFR 172.332(c), can be added using self-spacing vinyl numbering kits or numbers sold separately.
Stock 4–Digit
Get them right away! Stock 4–digit DOT placards help bulk carriers eliminate errors in numbering. The 60 identification numbers for the most commonly used commodities are in stock and ready to ship.
Custom 4–Digit
Get exactly what you need... and rule out numbering mistakes. Custom 4–digit DOT placards for special commodities save you the task of adding ID numbers by hand. Ideal for companies needing large quantities of commodity specific, 4–digit DOT placards for hazardous material shipments. We'll imprint and ship in just 3 days at no extra charge. Please allow extra time for large quantities and rigid vinyl.
Orange Panel
These durable vinyl panels can be used to meet DOT marking requirements, 49 CFR Part 172.332(b), and must be displayed with the appropriate worded placard (including rail). The 400mm × 160mm panel are available in removable and permanent vinyl and non-adhesive tagboard.
Important Information
Placards should be applied to clean, dry, oil–free, non–coated surfaces for best adhesion. Placards should not be applied during extreme temperature periods (hot or cold). All adhesive placards (including E-Z removable and removable) will become permanent if left on a surface for an extended period of time.