Don't let reverse logistics send you backwards.

Almost 1 in 10 US purchases get returned - re. reverse logistics in play.

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics is conventional logistics in the opposite direction — goods moving from the customer back to the manufacturer or distributor. There are two types of reverse logistics: consumer returns to stores and store returns to the manufacturer or distributor. Each poses unique challenges for companies that ship electronics and other dangerous goods.

Compliance doesn't end when you ship your product. Almost one in ten of U.S. retail purchases get returned, so any retailer who sells electronics has to know how to handle reverse logistics. That means dealing with lithium batteries — and all the rules, restrictions, provisions, and exceptions that come with them. Labelmaster can help streamline your reverse logistics processes for lithium batteries and the devices they power.

Read our blog post, USDOT/PHMSA formalizes requirements for “Reverse Logistics”.

Smooth Customer Returns = More Return Customers

E-commerce customers don't want to know their return shipments are subject to all the regulations governing hazardous materials transport. They just want their refund or exchange as soon as possible.

Who are they going to blame if those return shipments get rejected?

Keep customer returns compliant (and customers happy) by:
  • Delivering all battery shipments with all the labels and markings necessary for compliant returns.
  • Being prepared to send your customers fully compliant lithium battery packaging.
  • Making sure your customer service teams are trained to correctly answer customers' questions about return shipments.

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Infographic | Your Guide to Retail Reverse Logistics

For electronics companies in the e-commerce retail market, coordinating consumer returns of batteries and other hazardous materials can be a nightmare.

That’s why you need to be a master of reverse logistics shipping.

Revolutionary Packaging for Lithium Batteries

Labelmaster recently partnered with a premier technology provider to design and develop a new lithium battery packaging solution that will transform lithium battery transport. These lithium battery packages will come in single-use fiberboard and multi-use metal packages. The benefits of these packages are:

  • Simple and lightweight — these packages are lighter and far less complex than today’s compliant packaging
  • Packages are shipped fully assembled, no time wasted
  • Require no extra inner packaging, gel-packs, pellets or liners

These packs and boxes help mitigate pressure, fire, flame, gas and ballistic projectile hazards and our Obexion Max products meet the SAE G-27 draft standard, 3rd edition. Get more info about our new lithium battery packaging solution.

Labelmaster's Lithium Battery/Cellphone Recovery Kit

This Special Permit packaging is specifically designed for reverse logistics shipping and provides limited hazardous materials training relief, and authorizes small cells and batteries to be shipped without having to declare them as Class 9 fully regulated shipments. Each package includes detailed closure, packing and shipping instructions to help shippers properly package the damaged cells, batteries and equipment for transport.

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