Data is the backbone of a strong DG shipping operation.

Without accurate and easily accessible data, a shipper is likely to be incompliant or inefficient or both. Ensuring a correct classification is important, but so is maintaining and updating them for continued compliance over time. Not only do hazmat shipping regulations constantly change, but even small changes in product formulations or packaging impact classifications. Let us help you with:

  • Dangerous goods classification: Identification and classification of dangerous goods materials and parts. We ensure correct classifications and assess whether regulatory exceptions can be utilized for shipping
  • DGIS software implementation support: Inventory, identify, classify, and properly load all applicable dangerous goods into the system. These services are coordinated as part of a larger implementation plan and ensure that once the system goes live the data is fully compliant and will not impede safe and efficient shipping operations
  • On-going data management: Many companies do not have the resources or expertise to manage dangerous goods data as new products are introduced and regulations change. Whether using Labelmaster Software or internal systems, Labelmaster Services offers customers data management to ensure dangerous goods data is always up to date and accessible. During set-up the process for data exchange and updates is determined. Labelmaster Services provides ongoing reports of data quality and updates based on regulatory changes

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