Compliance Audits and Assessments

Labelmaster Services is here to serve your company. We offer the best in compliance audits and assessments.

Compliance Assessments

As a shipper of dangerous goods, you know how challenging it is to get shipments out on time and in compliance. To assist your operation, Labelmaster Services offers Compliance Assessments, which provide you with one day of on-site access to a DG expert who can help:

  • Assess current shipping practices against federal and international DG requirements
  • Identify non-compliant shipping practices that leave the company vulnerable to penalties
  • Propose actions needed to close compliance gaps and adopt industry best practices
  • Recognize opportunities to use regulatory exceptions to increase efficiency and reduce costs

At the conclusion of our work we will provide a short written summary of findings with feedback and recommendations for next steps.

Compliance Audits

For an even deeper dive, Labelmaster Services can conduct Compliance Audits, which are designed to mimic a DOT or FAA inspection. Compliance Audits include both on-site time from a DG expert, plus time off-site reviewing documentation and conducting follow-up interviews. In addition to the areas covered in a Compliance Assessment, more in-depth investigations around specific processes may include:

  • Availability of required regulatory documents in appropriate locations
  • Readiness (current and recent) for dangerous goods incidents and employee safety issues
  • Hazardous materials training programs and records
  • Accuracy of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to regulatory requirements
  • Packaging, hazard marks/labels, and documentation for outgoing shipments
  • Loading and receiving process related to dangerous goods

Our findings will be presented in both a written report and a presentation that include a systematic assessment of risk levels along with recommendations on how to achieve regulatory compliance and improve dangerous goods shipping.

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