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Kristel Vermeersch

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Kristel Vermeersch founded KVS & Partners bv - Dangerous Goods Consulting (Belgium) in 2002 and is an accredited IATA training school.

From 2002 to 2012 Kristel was an external dangerous goods expert to the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority and a member of the International Civil Aviation Organisation Dangerous Goods Panel (ICAO DGP). Currently she is adviser to the ICAO DGP and to the United Nations Sub-Committee on the transport of Dangerous Goods.

As an expert, trainer and speaker on dangerous goods topics she attends regularly national and international conferences and meetings related to the transport of dangerous goods, including those organised by the European Biological Safety Organisation (EBSA), the European Isotopes Transport Association (EITA), IATA and ICAO.

She acts also as dangerous consultant to a number of national and international chemical, pharmaceutical and transport companies.

Prior to KVS & Partners, Kristel worked for 15 years at Sabena Cargo Airlines, Belgium, where she was responsible for all Dangerous Goods activities and special cargoes, regulatory compliance and interactions with Civil Aviation Authorities. During that period she was also member of the IATA Dangerous Goods Board.

Kristel obtained a master in chemistry and Biochemistry at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and has completed several specialised courses on radioprotection.