Labelmaster Services Team

Vice President of Consulting

Pia Jala

Pia Jala Vice President of Consulting for Labelmaster Services,

Pia works with clients to develop tailored solutions for safe and efficient transportation of dangerous goods. Since 2007, she has helped clients in diverse industries with issues ranging from rapid mediation of regulatory actions to complete overhauls of dangerous goods programs. Some of Pia’s recent client engagements include:

  • Working with a major automobile manufacturer to develop a comprehensive dangerous goods program. The overhaul included an assessment of existing practices, adjustments to distribution processes, development of self-auditing capabilities, a revamp of training curriculum, and the establishment of a dangerous goods hotline.
  • Assisting a pharmaceutical firm in cutting costs while maintaining safety levels in its product shipments. Pia's recommendations led to streamlined shipping procedures that concurrently increased efficiency and compliance with domestic and international regulations.
  • Advising Fortune 500 corporations to identify the root cause of dangerous goods fines and violations. With Pia's support in rapidly identifying and mediating issues, clients were able to reduce fines or have cases dismissed.

Prior to her current position at Labelmaster, Pia was the Global Manager of Dangerous Goods for Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo, where she:

  • Managed the global Dangerous Goods and Audit Program including the Emergency Dangerous Goods Hotline, which covered 40 countries
  • Oversaw the US military dangerous goods shipments, permits, and logistics globally
  • Oversaw ground operations and dangerous goods training programs globally
  • Managed international and domestic dangerous goods special permits, maintaining relationships with governmental authorities and retaining country-specific permits
  • Advised legal departments on domestic and international violation mediation and provided corrective actions for mitigating fines and penalties

Pia is actively involved in industry organizations related to dangerous goods transport. She participates in COSTHA regulatory and reverse logistics panel, Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC), The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), and Air Forwarders Association (AFA). Pia has previously participated in the IATA DG workgroups, COSTHA Air Group (as chairperson), and Air Transport Association.