How to Ship Airbags & Safety Devices Safely

Labels and Packaging for Compliant Transportation
of Airbags and Airbag Components

Air Bag Shipping KitsHere's the Situation - How to Ship an Airbag

​​​​Airbag inflators, airbag modules and components are defined as 'Dangerous Goods' Class 9 and require special attention when shipping, which includes using hazmat labels and UN packaging. You can ship an airbag - make sure your airbags and components get to where they are supposed to go without delay by ensuring you have these items properly packaged and labeled.

You can do it and Labelmaster is here to help! Staying on top of the regulations can be confusing, but we have the products, software, and services to help you get answers quickly and get the items out the door safely and compliantly.

IMPORTANT: Before shipping airbags or any other hazmat items you are required by the DOT to be trained to ship hazmat safely, you need General Awareness Hazmat Training.

Here's What You Need to Ship Airbags

  1. DG Shipping Training
  2. Outer Packaging
  3. Cushioning and Inner Packaging
  4. Hazmat Labels
  5. DG Shipping Forms
  6. DG Shipping Software

Products You Can Count on to Ship Airbags and Safety Devices

DG Shipping Training

Airbag Outer Packaging

Airbag Cushioning and Inner Packaging

Airbag Hazmat Labels

Airbag DG Shipping Forms

Airbag DG Shipping Software