Safely move your workers and materials with Labelmaster's Single Side Door Platforms. These are constructed of welded steel with a checkered floor platform. They attach to a forklift by inserting the forks into pockets and chaining the platform. The platforms provide a wide front door access at 36 and 48 in. and meet OSHA specifications and compliance guidelines. They come in 36- and 48-in. widths with 36- and 48-in. lengths with a 1000-lb. capacity. The platforms feature fork pocket centers that can be 16 or 24 in., and the metal back for steel platforms come in 60-in. height. While there are many products for you to choose from to help transport your materials, you can rest assured that each and every one of them is designed and built to the highest of standards. The result is safer workers, full compliance and an uninterrupted supply chain for your business.
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