Chemtrec Labels and Markings

Stay Compliant: CHEMTREC Labels and Markings Exclusively From Labelmaster

Help keep your shipments and supply chain compliant and moving smoothly with labels and markings featuring CHEMTREC’s emergency contact information. Labelmaster is the exclusive supplier for labels and markings featuring CHEMTREC’s information – including lithium battery marks and vehicle, rail tanker, truck and phone markings.

Display of the CHEMTREC emergency number is authorized only for companies registered with CHEMTREC. You may receive follow up from CHEMTREC regarding your customer status. For more information or to register as a customer visit

Starting January 1, 2022, IATA has imposed strict rules about shipping lithium batteries. Now, more shipments will be fully-regulated than ever before. Learn more in this What will lithium battery shippers do without Section II Packing Instructions? blog post!