CHEMTREC Lithium Battery Marks, 100mm x 70mm - Labels

Safely transport your lithium batteries with Labelmaster's Lithium Battery Marks preprinted with CHEMTREC® emergency contact information. The Lithium Battery Mark is required on packages carrying lithium ion or lithium metal batteries. These 100mm x 70mm markings are constructed of semi-gloss paper or weather-resistant PVC-free film. Labelmaster is the exclusive authorized label manufacturer of CHEMTREC®. Only companies registered with CHEMTREC® are authorized to purchase and use these labels. You may receive follow up from CHEMTREC® regarding your customer status. When it comes to regulatory compliance, we think through all of the details so you don’t have to worry. The result is a shipping label solution that helps get your packages delivered safely and compliantly.

Please note: These labels become effective for use January 1, 2021 and cannot be used prior to this date. In addition, although this reduced size lithium battery mark has not been officially adopted in the 49 CFR for use in the U.S., PHMSA has issued an enforcement waiver found allowing them to be used in the U.S. by any mode of transportation until officially adopted as a Final Rule. A copy of the waiver is available under the Regulatory tab for these items.