Take your label customization to the max with Labelmaster's Personalized Anti-Static Drum Labels.  These drum labels are made with a static dissipative material that is ideal for reducing the potential for static discharge (which can ignite vapors from chemicals) created when removing labels from the liners during application. In addition to withstanding rough handling, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, UV exposure, moisture, scraping and abrasion, it has outstanding adhesion to painted steel, fiber or plastic drums. Available in up to 4 colors, include all of the information you want printed on the label including DOT Hazard Class and GHS information. Measuring 8 3/8 x 14 7/8 in., they are sold in packs of 250. Leave the details to us and focus on what's most important - getting your job done right. With our drum labels, your shipments will arrive on time and fully compliant with regulatory standards.
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