Get the word out in your warehouse with Labelmaster's Quality Control Labels. Personnel will easily identify freight for special handling with these high-visibility ColorBrite™ warehouse QC labels, featuring bold lettering on attention-commanding bright fluorescent green ink. Printed on paper, they include permanent adhesive for excellent adhesion to cardboard boxes, measure 2 in. in diameter and are sold in rolls of 500.  
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$26.79 $48.59
Accepted Label
Item No. BT302
$21.80 $51.33
QA Approved Label
Item No. BT332
$21.80 $51.33
$33.11 $61.46
$43.96 $62.41
Released Label
Item No. BT335
$21.80 $51.33
$21.80 $51.33
Hold Label
Item No. BT308
$21.80 $51.33
Tested Label
Item No. BT322
$21.80 $51.33
Quality Hold Label
Item No. CLB111
$36.03 $65.15