NFPA® - National Fire Protection Association

NFPA® Purpose

The NFPA labeling system provides short-term hazard warning information for use during emergency response situations

NFPA® Source

NFPA was developed by the National Fire Protection Association. NFPA associated products are sold through a variety of sources.

NFPA® Label Purpose

NFPA labels communicate to emergency responders the hazards that might be associated with a chemical under emergency fire or spill conditions.

Who Uses the NFPA® Labels?

NFPA materials are used by industries and organizations that handle materials which could be involved in an emergency, such as a fire or chemical spill. NFPA labels are designed for easy identification of hazards by firefighters, sheriffs and other emergency response teams who are concerned with burning, spilled or exploding materials.

About NFPA®

The National Fire Protection Association publishes Standards and informative manuals on protecting against fire hazards. NFPA labels are one of the products published to assist with fire protection efforts.

NFPA® System Differences

NFPA labels communicate to emergency responders the hazards that might be associated with a chemical during a fire emergency. THIS® labels communicate to employees the hazards of the chemicals they are using within the workplace. As such, THIS includes ratings for chronic hazards as required by OSHA's hazard communication standard.

If NFPA labels are used within a workplace, further training regarding the "everyday" hazards of the chemicals being used must be performed. Additional labeling with this information must also be added to containers of hazardous chemicals.

NFPA® Label Variety

NFPA labels are offered in a variety of sizes and formats to meet any need you have. The NFPA symbol is available in a sign format in metal, rigid vinyl and magnetic materials. Labels are also available for every application from drums to laboratory bottles.

NFPA Labels

NFPA Signs

NFPA® (National Fire Protection Association) is a registered trademark of National Fire Protection Association.