Eliminate the hassle and expense of replacing placards with Labelmaster’s 17 Legend Flip Placard Systems for Trailers. This Spacemaster System includes 18 placard panels in a single frame: Dangerous, Flammable Gas 2, Poison 6, Non-Flammable Gas 2, Corrosive 8, Flammable Liquid 3, Oxidizer 5.1, Organic Peroxide 5.2, Explosive 1.4, Spontaneously Combustible 4, Flammable Solid 4, Inhalation 6, Dangerous When Wet 4, Blasting Agents 1.5D, Miscellaneous 9, PG III, Inhalation 2 and Blank, so changing DOT placards when your load changes is as easy as the flip of a panel. Spacemaster frames are constructed of corrosion-resistant, fully formed rigid aluminum that provides superior durability, even under the toughest road conditions. With placards that meet DOT specifications for transporting hazardous materials, panels that lock in place with four double-riveted stainless steel pressure fasteners and legends silkscreened with UV inks to retard fading, chipping or peeling, you’ll know you’re covered and compliant for the long haul.
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