Give your customers next-level service with Labelmaster’s Logomaster®, a unique advertising system that acts as a moving billboard for highway-wide recognition of their products. To display a logo, simply flip panels and lock them in place with the four sturdy, stainless steel, spring-loaded fasteners that are double-riveted to the frame. Our Logomasters are screen-printed with fade-resistant UV inks on heavy-duty aluminum panels for lasting durability.
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Logomaster® 1 Blank Panel
Item No. 87LGM-1BLANK
$24.87 $30.97
Logomaster® 3 Blank Panels
Item No. 87LGM-3BLANK
$34.62 $42.98
Logomaster® 4 Blank Panels
Item No. 87LGM-4BLANK
$36.60 $45.39
Logomaster® 5 Blank Panels
Item No. 87LGM-5BLANK
$42.08 $49.72
Logomaster® 6 Blank Panels
Item No. 87LGM-6BLANK
$45.93 $56.89
Logomaster® 7 Blank Panels
Item No. 87LGM-7BLANK
$49.61 $57.73