Slide-in Placard Holders - Slidemaster

The Original Placard Holder from Labelmaster

Outfit your rigs with Labelmaster’s Slidemaster Slide-in Placard Holders.These slide-in placard holders feature Easy-Off Ramp, an innovative device that glides placards over the retaining clip so they slide in or out without a hitch. Built with rugged riveted assembly, drain hole and a stainless steel clip, Slidemaster holders accommodate metal placards and non-adhesive placards in polycoated tagboard and 20-mil rigid vinyl. Manufactured to Labelmaster’s exacting standards, you can be sure you’re opting for top-quality construction with these holders designed to serve you over the long haul.

If you frequently transport hazardous materials, you'll like the Slidemaster® system. It accommodates non-adhesive placards, which you can insert in seconds. Non-adhesive placards are available from Labelmaster® in 80 kg/176 lb. tagboard or tough 20-mil rigid vinyl.

Slidemaster Placard Holder Features

  • Clip: Double-riveted stainless steel pressure fastener locks panels in place.
  • Drain Hole: Performs under all weather conditions and prevents rain or snow from accumulating in your Slidemaster® frame.
  • Brite Mill Finish - Most economical Slidemaster® finish comes in a shiny, brite mill metal finish on .032 inch aluminum.
  • Anodized Aluminum - Featuring superior durability, this treated .032 inch anodized aluminum Slidemaster® is not only weather resistant, but also retards oxidation.
  • Stainless Steel - Built for the long haul, this .030 inch , 304-2B stainless steel Slidemaster® offers longer wear when transporting chemical products.
  • White Finish - Baked white polyester finish on sturdy .032 inch aluminum.
  • Frame: Frames are available in four different finishes and four different styles.
  • Easy-Off Ramp: Innovative feature guides placards over the retaining clip so that they slide in and out without a hitch.
  • Rivet Assemble: Durable rivet construction securely holds front and back plate in place.