DOT Hazmat Placards

Ensure compliance when transporting mixed loads of Dangerous Goods with Labelmaster's Hazmat Placards.


The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that vehicles transporting dangerous goods must display the appropriate DOT hazard class placard and that placards must be displayed on all sides of the transporting vehicle.

These durable, reliable DOT placards stand up to the elements as they are printed with long-life UV inks that resist peeling, chipping and fading. Placard holders, security seals and placard accessories are also available to help keep your shipments compliant.

You need the right placard for every shipment. Don't let your placards fail.

Rest assured that once your Dangerous Goods hit the road, you've taken the necessary steps to keep them and your business in full compliance. Not finding what you need? Use Labelmaster's Placard Finder tool to track down what you’re looking for or quickly customize your 4-digit placards.

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