Hazard Class 5 DOT Hazmat Placards

Cover your bases when shipping oxidizers and organic peroxides with Labelmaster's Hazard Class 5 Placards. Oxidizers can yield oxygen and lead to combustion, while organic peroxides, which are thermally unstable, react dangerously to other substances and can burn rapidly. Available in Pre-Printed, Blank, Worded or Wordless, these placards are ideal when transporting oxidizing substances such as chemical oxygen generators, chlorates, nitrates and hydrogen peroxide, which are capable of posing serious hazards. When your job involves shipping potentially dangerous substances and materials, our job is ensuring your compliancy with durable, fully tested placards. The result is worry-free, on-time delivery of your shipments. Are you not seeing the placard you need? Use Labelmaster's Placard Finder for quick results.