Help firefighters and emergency responders easily identify chemical hazards with Labelmaster's NFPA® Standard Signs. Available in 6 x 6-, 10 3/4 x 10 3/4- or 15 x 15-in. sizes, these National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) magnetic signs communicate to firefighters and emergency responders the hazards that might be associated with a chemical under emergency fire or spill conditions. They meet the NFPA 704 standard and are printed with explanations of health, fire and instability precautions. To display the appropriate NFPA hazard ratings for use in an emergency response situation, use 4-in., self-sticking vinyl numbers and symbols that can be seen legibly from a distance of 200 feet. The signs are made of a durable, exterior-grade material that is ideal for use on storage tanks, and the magnetic backing allows for easy application to and easy removal from steel/ferrous metal surfaces. This full line of products not only communicates potential hazards to employees and responders but provides you with the tools to help teach your workers how to use the NFPA system properly.
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