A strong tamper-evident mechanical seal, the Klicker is ISO 17712 "H" Compliant - C-TPAT Compliant. It consists of a mild steel pin and bush molded with resilient high-impact ABS. With its high tensile strength, tamper resistant design and tamper evident features, the Klicker is a fortified container bolt seal widely used in shipping, securing intermodal containers and ground transportation. 
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Klicker Bolt Seal, Stock, Green
Item No. KLICK10-H-GN
$384.67 $473.43
Klicker Bolt Seal, Stock, Blue
Item No. KLICK10-H-BU
$384.67 $473.43
Klicker Bolt Seal, Stock, Red
Item No. KLICK10-H-RD
$384.67 $473.43
Klicker Bolt Seal, Custom, Blue
Item No. KLICK10-H-CU-BU
$399.26 $393.82 $452.60
Klicker Bolt Seal, Custom, Green
Item No. KLICK10-H-CU-GN
$415.24 $396.49 $455.67
Klicker Bolt Seal, Custom, Red
Item No. KLICK10-H-CU-RD
$396.49 $485.27