The Cold Chain Complete Temperature Indicator combines two temperature indicators to alert users of exposure to unacceptable temperatures. Refrigeration equipment is not always reliable. Temperatures can vary dramatically during transit – trailer, distribution centers, storage. Your product may encounter unexpected delays in areas with less than ideal conditions. Cold Chain Complete time-temperature indicators provide a cost-effective tool for monitoring the temperature of your package. They are single-use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a temperature excursion. With the information you gather from these indicators, you can make smarter decisions across your cold chain. The Cold Chain Complete Temperature Indicator for 2° – 8° C / 36° – 46° F can help ensure the Center for Disease Control (CDC) temperature requirements for shipping and storing Coronavirus (COVID-19) test samples are maintained. The simple, accurate indication of temperature excursion helps ensure the test samples have stayed within the temperature range.  
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