Corrugated Boxes 275-lb.

Ship your materials with confidence using Labelmaster's 275-Lb. Corrugated Boxes. These heavy duty, single- or double-wall boxes provide maximum protection to shipments. Approved for shipping via UPS, FedEx Ground, Parcel Post, truck, rail and express, they are shipped and stored flat. The extra-strong, single-wall, 44-lb. edge crush test (ECT) boxes are 38% stronger than 200-lb. test packaging for greater crush- and puncture-resistance. Super-strong, double-wall, 48-lb. ECT boxes are twice as strong as 200-lb. test packaging, even during the roughest handling. From small to large and lightweight to heavy, we have the proper packaging to meet your shipping needs. Best of all, you can ship confidently knowing that your packaging is durable, secure and helps you meet regulatory compliance.