Temperature Controlled Packaging

Safely ship your perishables with Labelmaster's Temperature-Controlled Packaging. These insulated containers and refrigerant packs are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your specific application and mode of transport. For temperature-sensitive perishables such as lab samples, vaccines, biopsy materials, diagnostic kits and culture packs, choose temperature-controlled shipping containers with the appropriate wall thickness to maintain low temperature consistency of your product during shipment. The addition of refrigerant packs provides optimum protection for frozen or refrigerated/chilled products. When ordering insulated shipping cartons, first measure your product by length, width and height, and allow additional space for refrigerant packs to ensure desired temperature during transit. From small to large and lightweight to heavy, we have the proper packaging to meet your shipping needs. Best of all, you can ship confidently knowing that your packaging is durable, secure and helps you meet regulatory compliance.