Quickly close poly bags or attach tags to equipment with Labelmaster’s Beaded Ties. Tamper-evident, these 18-lb., tensile strength ties must be cut for removal. An inexpensive alternative to self-locking nylon ties, these save you both time and money.
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Beaded Ties, Natural
Item No. K84106
$69.23 $74.34
Beaded Ties, Red
Item No. K84106R
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Black
Item No. K84106B
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Green
Item No. K84106G
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Blue
Item No. K84106L
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Purple
Item No. K84106P
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Orange
Item No. K84106V
$122.55 $129.93
Beaded Ties, Yellow
Item No. K84106Y
$122.55 $129.93