Oil-Only Microbes for Use In Open Water

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Quickly and efficiently respond to hazardous oil spills with Labelmaster's Oil-Only Microbes for Use in Open Water. Mother Nature’s form of bio-remediation, this environmentally friendly technology takes naturally occurring microbes and breeds them on a diet of crude oil to create a hardy microbe that readily digests oil into non-hazardous components. Microbes have been used to clean up major oil spills such as the Valdez and Mega Borg spills, and are listed on the National Contingency List of the EPA for oil spill response incidents. They have been tested extensively and found to be harmless to plant and animal life and safe for the environment. This is a natural, but highly effective, means to turn a disaster such as an oil spill into a short-term cleanup. Microbes can be added to 55-gallon drums of water and then sprayed onto the ocean to immediately start remediating oil. They digest the oil as a food source and break it down into carbon, CO2 and a lipids that is basically a fatty fish and plant food, so the oil becomes non-hazardous substance. It is important to spray the microbes into the surf and shoreline prior to the significant part of the oil slick coming ashore to allow the microbes to colonize. Once the oil comes ashore, another dousing of microbes is required to provide the most effective opportunity for bioremediation success. Microbes can also be sprinkled onto pads to remove oil, plus this leaves the microbes on the animal or rock that has been washed to further remediate and remove residual oil. With approximately 5 billion microbes per gram of material, they ship in 25-lb. bags stacked on pallets.
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Material Oil-Eating Microbes
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