Meet an immediate response to spills with Labelmaster's Spill Pools®. Available in 20-, 66- and 150-gallon containment capacities, these pop-up containment pools instantly expand to capture leaks and spills from saddle tanks, pipes, hydraulic lines and many other industrial incidents. They feature a unique patented design that allows for expansion (from 28 to 64 in. and the wall height from 8 to 12 in. depending upon the size selected) as the level of liquid rises or increases. Folded compactly for storage, the pools can be stored in a bag or truck-mount carrier for ease of use. When needed, they can be easily removed and deployed. With excellent chemical resistance to diesel fuel, anti-freeze, acids, caustics and corrosives, the spill pools help minimize environmental clean-up costs. Spills can lead not only to dangerous situations for handlers but costly delays and fines for your business. Our spill products help ensure liquids are safely contained and your compliance is intact.
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