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100-Gallon Truck

Quickly address your on-the-job hazardous spills with Labelmaster's 100-Gallon Truck/Wall Mount Spill Kits. Designed for universal and oil-only spills, these mount easily to a trailer undercarriage to handle large spills outdoors or indoors on a wall or in your facility. All spill control contents are safety contained in the lockable ENPAC Poly-Edge™. These large-capacity, polyethylene storage units are equipped with a weather- and water-resistant gasket that keeps all stored items secure and dry. These deluxe kits include a 100-gallon Prowler Pop-Up Pool for immediate spill containment, spill absorbents and everything needed for fast response to spills indoors or out. Spills can lead not only to dangerous situations for handlers but costly delays and fines for your business. Our spill products help ensure liquids are safely contained and your compliance is intact.

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