Quickly address your on-the-job hazardous spills with Labelmaster's 50-Gallon Wheeled Salvage Drum Spill Kits. These come with an all-in-one yellow polyethylene drum (marked UN 1H2/X125/S) and dolly that meets the regulatory requirements of EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC regulations and current uniform fire codes. With a built-in handle and 6-in. polyolefin wheels, the kits are durable, portable and ideal for cleaning up universal, oil-only and hazmat spills. They also are perfect for overpacking small containers. They offer a proven combination of absorbents and personal protective equipment (PPE), and contain the materials needed to clean up to 31 gallons of fluids. Spills can lead not only to dangerous situations for handlers but costly delays and fines for your business. Our spill products help ensure liquids are safely contained and your compliance is intact.
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50-Gallon Multi-Responder Spill Kit
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50-Gallon Hazmat Refill Spill Kit
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50-Gallon Oil Only Refill Kit
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50-Gallon Universal Refill Spill Kit
Item No. KSKU50WREF Low Stock
$365.58 $402.12