Efficiently and safely store your hazardous drums with Labelmaster's Poly-Rack™ Systems. These one-piece, 100% polyethylene drum storage systems hold two 55-gallon drums in place, while a massive 100-gallon containment sump ensures spill safety even in worst-case drum leaks. These racks feature a deep dispensing well that easily holds 5-gallon pails while containing incidental spills and splashes in a ribbed bottom. The dispensing wells have a scalloped edge so pails can be easily removed. The systems meet the EPA regulation 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC and NPDES. When you own our spill storage products, you can take advantage of not only their durability and safety but their multi-functionality as well. In addition to storage, these can help you save space, transport and dispense your drums, and prevent dangerous spills.
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Poly Shelf.

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