Keep your workplace safe with Labelmaster's Ultra-Drum Containment Trays®. Holding up to 22.8 gallons of liquid, these are perfect for dispensing and filling 55- and 30-gallon drums. The trays are made of strong yet lightweight 100% polyethylene, and with molded-in octagonal rib on the bottom, allow drums to sit in the center of the tray. With bottom grate, they elevate containers 2 5/8 in. to keep spilled liquids away from the bottoms of containers. The trays keep floors clean and free from chemicals and corrosives, and meet the EPA container storage regulations for 20 gallon or smaller containers. Spills can lead not only to dangerous situations for handlers but costly delays and fines for your business. Our spill products help ensure liquids are safely contained and your compliance is intact.
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