Keep your workplace safe with Labelmaster's Ultra-Rack Containment Trays®. Available in 1-, 2- and 3-tray systems, these are low-profile, 2.75-in. trays that slide easily under pallet racking to capture small leaks and spills. They come in 100% polyethylene, which is chemical and corrosion-resistant, and keep warehouse and distribution center floors free from chemicals and spills. A 2-tray system comes with one connector and the 3-tray system comes with two connectors. The trays will contain eight gallons per tray. With a 2-tray system, the containment capacity is 16 gallons, while a 3-tray system contains up to 24 gallons. Spills can lead not only to dangerous situations for handlers but costly delays and fines for your business. Our spill products help ensure liquids are safely contained and your compliance is intact.
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