Take the guesswork out of packaging, protecting and shipping your hazmat materials in a single container with Labelmaster’s 4GV Packaging Kits. These UN-certified, Variation Two shippers are suitable for shipping hazardous liquids or solids in Packing Groups I, II and III by any mode of transportation. They can accommodate your own glass or plastic bottles, which must pass hydrostatic pressure tests to meet ISTA Procedure 1A when shipping by air. These kits include everything you need to protect your container’s internal contents, such as an absorbent pouch, foam cushioning, poly bag, pressure-sensitive tape, fiberboard insert and a 4GV corrugated outer box. Available in two sizes, you can ship either a 32-oz. or 1L container. Save yourself time and avoid packaging errors and compliance issues when shipping a single container of hazardous materials by using one of these all-inclusive 4GV packaging kits.
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