Obexion Max - DDR Lithium Battery Packaging

Obexion Max – Mitigate Lithium Battery Thermal Runaway

Obexion Max packaging — exclusively from Labelmaster — is a complete line of protective packaging solutions engineered specifically to transport defective, damaged or recalled lithium batteries and/or equipment containing them.

  • Multiple sizes and configurations to ship your specific devices or lithium batteries
  • DOT Special Permit 20432 for fiberboard design
  • Available in single-use or multiple-use designs
  • Arrives fully assembled with easy-to-understand closure instructions
  • No gel packs, beads, pellets, vermiculite, ceramic liners to add weight and complexity
  • Boxes are environmentally friendly – are non-toxic and non-hazardous

If you are shipping lithium ion batteries by UPS, please contact UPS for pre-approval. If you are not shipping by UPS, please contact your local carrier for shipping requirements.