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Help safely ship your hazardous materials with these 4GV packaging kits featuring the Capsuloc™ secondary container. Capsuloc is a lighter, safer, and more convenient hazmat containment solution vs. metal paint can secondary containers.

The Capsuloc high-density polyethylene (HDPE) secondary container accommodates a 32 oz. or less bottle to ship your liquids or solids. A better alternative to secondary containment metal paint can shippers, these easy-to-use containers have a secure screw-lid cap; no tools or ring locks are required to open or close the container.

These Capsuloc 4GV packaging kits are 32% lighter and half the size of similar metal paint can kits so they cost less per unit to ship and you can store twice as many Capsuloc kits on a pallet.

Available with a pressure-tested 32 oz. amber bottle with cap or without a bottle to use your own, these Capsuloc 4GV packaging kits are made in the United States, recyclable, and the Capsuloc containers are reusable when using a new UN fiberboard box kit and following inspection criteria guidelines.

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