Take advantage of the multiple benefits provided by Labelmaster's Round Bottom Drum Liners. Made of low-density, 4-mil polyethylene, these help contain liquids, pastes, slurries, hydroscopic powders, high-quality granulars and more, while lowering shipping costs, eliminating costly and timely drum cleansing and keeping drums in circulation. These 5-, 15-, 30-, 55 or 85-gallon liners feature a heat-sealed, circular bottom and a cylindrical shape that minimizes wrinkles, folds and air pockets. They are constructed of LDPE film and have a tie-top extended length that allows them to be tied off beneath the drum's lid. Enjoy worry-free transport and emptying of your drums. Our accessories are designed, constructed and tested to ensure your contents remain safe - whether they're inside the drum or being dispensed from them.
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