Glass Packaging, 1 x Kits

You can easily avoid compliance and damage issues when shipping a bottle containing a dangerous chemical or other hazardous product with Labelmaster’s Glass Packaging Kits for One Bottle. These UN-certified glass shippers fully meet ISTA Procedure 1A requirements. Choose from either a narrow or a wide mouth bottle, available in amber for storing a light-sensitive product or clear flint that allows for product visibility, with your choice of a phenolic cap lined with Polyseal® or Teflon®. You also have the option to choose the right packaging accessory to fully protect your bottle during shipping, including a foam insert, an absorbent pouch or an environmentally friendly hexacomb insert. Available in a variety of sizes from 4 oz. to 4L, the bottle in these shippers features a PVC coating that offers added protection in case of breakage. Kits are sold assembled or unassembled, and unassembled without the bottle if you want to use your own. No matter what type of hazmat product you ship, our assortment of glass shippers for one bottle offer you the protection your product needs while always being compliant.