Safely store and ship liquid hazardous materials with Labelmaster’s Metal Packaging Kits for Four 32-oz., Aluminum Bottles. Suitable for shipping Packing Groups I, II and III liquids, these UN-certified shippers fully meet ISTA requirements. They come with four aluminum bottles with strong, tamper-evident caps. Both bottles and caps have passed hydrostatic pressure tests up to 250 kPa. The bottles in this kit can be re-used in accordance with 49CFR 173.28 and require a K40CAP and K28PLUG in order to remain compliant. These kits can be ordered assembled, unassembled or unassembled without the bottles if you choose to use your own. Kits without the bottles require that you use aluminum bottles with a cap size of 42mm or smaller. Included in these kits is everything you need to safely store and ship your products such as a corrugated divider, polyethylene plugs, liner bags, ties, tape an UN-marked fiberboard box. You can rest easy knowing that our metal packaging kits for four 32-oz., aluminum bottles are fully certified and safe when it comes to transporting and storing Dangerous Goods.
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