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Metal Packaging Shipping Kits

Safely ship paint, coatings, solvents and other hazardous materials with Labelmaster’s Metal Packaging Shipping Kits. These UN-certified kits fully meet ISTA Procedure 1A requirements and are suitable for shipping Packing Groups II and III liquids by all modes of transportation. They come unassembled without a container so you can use your own and include all the necessary documentation required for you to stay compliant, such as the appropriate Shipping Name Label, a Hazard Class 3 label, a Cargo Aircraft Only label and ten Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods forms. The kits also include everything needed to keep your containers safe such as corrugated inserts, liner bags and UN-marked fiberboard boxes in a variety of sizes. In order to meet testing specifications, only metal paint cans with a ring lock can be used with these shippers. You can rest easy knowing that our metal packaging shipping kits are fully certified and safe when it comes to transporting Dangerous Goods.

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