Nitric Acid Packaging - UN Packaging

Due to the corrosive and oxidizing nature of nitric acid and the varied concentrations available, PHMSA has defined the acceptable packaging systems in §173.158 of the US DOT 49 CFR. On June 2, 2016, and June 18, 2018, PHMSA adopted revisions to §173.158(e) for nitric acid in concentrations less than 90%.

The modifications requires that when nitric acid is placed in wooden or fiberboard outer packagings, the glass inner packagings must be packed in tightly closed, non-reactive intermediate packagings, and cushioned with a non-reactive absorbent material sufficient to absorb the entire contents of the package. The use of a flexible intermediate packaging is authorized, provided it can be tightly closed and is non-reactive to the nitric acid. The DOT’s amendment of these regulations makes it important to assess your compliance.

Proper packaging plays an important role in avoiding expensive and sometimes catastrophic loss of product due to damage to the packaging system. Help ship safely and comply with regulations with our offering of Nitric Acid Packaging. Available in several different kit variations for shipping single bottles, 4-bottles and 6-bottles.