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Cubitainers® are low-density flexible polyethylene cube-shaped inserts inside a heavy-duty corrugated outer carton. These “bladder in a box” are an all-in-one solution to ship, handle, and pour your liquid, viscous, or granular products. Featuring built-in handles (10L & 5 Gal.) for easy carrying and pouring, the Cubitainers® are designed to collapse as product is dispensed and the non-glug design assures the product flows in a continuous, uninterrupted stream.

A lighter weight alternative to steel pails, these standalone containers provide significant performance, environmental and cost benefits for storage, transport and dispensing of your products. Cubitainers® are durable enough to be used alone but may also be used with a corrugated outer carton to create a robust and almost indestructible package. All Cubitainers® are LDPE and include 38-400 lined caps. They feature a threaded neck finish so that it can also be affixed with a dust cap or spigot/tap and can be adapted to most in-line filling machines.

Available in multiple sizes, Cubitainers® have been tested for packing groups II and III and are acceptable for ground shipments.

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