Dangerous Goods Lists

Dangerous Goods Tables – Dangerous Goods Lists from IATA, IMDG Code, ADR, 49 CFR, and TDG

Labelmaster technology solutions empower your shipping operation with the latest regulatory information, including up-to-date Dangerous Goods Lists (DGLs). DGLs help reduce the never-ending tedium of manual regulatory updates, saving time and energy for you to focus on other responsibilities.

The DGLs are available in a convenient electronic format for your organization to process and properly prepare shipments for each mode of transport, helping to reduce the never-ending tedium of manual regulatory updates. Each file is periodically updated and sent to you as the regulatory agency makes changes, ensuring your organization maintains compliant shipping processes. The lists can be used as a stand-alone file or uploaded to your shipping systems so anyone in your organization can manage inventory and shipping procedures. These convenient tools help your organization maintain compliance throughout the supply chain.

What Are Dangerous Goods Lists?

Each regulatory agency has different compliance requirements, which means their DGLs are slightly different. If you ship via ground in the U.S. and by sea internationally, you would need the 49 CFR DGL and IMO’s IMDG Code DGL. Subscriptions with periodic updates are available for:

  • IATA Dangerous Goods List
  • IMO IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List
  • 49 CFR Dangerous Goods List
  • ADR Dangerous Goods List
  • TDG Dangerous Goods List

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Each regulatory entity has adopted their DGLs based off the Model U.N. Regulations DGL Columns*:

1. U.N. Number
2. Proper Shipping Name (Name + Description)
3. Class or Division
4. Subsidiary
5. Packing Group
6. Special Provisions
7a. Limited Quantities
7b. Excepted Quantities
8. Packing Instructions
9. Special Packing Provisions
10. Instruction for Portable Tanks and Bulk Containers
11. Special Provisions

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