DG Jobs Functions

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Labelmaster Software makes work safer and simpler.

Shipping and Transport Management

When you're dealing with dangerous goods shipping, safety is job number one. From start to final delivery, Labelmaster Software helps to ensure that the well-being of everyone involved in the supply chain is covered.

Plus, our software simplifies your day. The easy form-filling functions help you create dangerous goods shipping papers much faster. Saved templates can be reused to streamline DG shipping processes. And with the Dangerous Goods Advisor, Labelmaster Software keeps all the DG regulatory information you need in one place, eliminating the need to look up special provisions or cross-reference regulations from multiple publications.

More and more carriers require shippers to use certified validation software. DGIS Software is recognized by major carriers, including FedEx and UPS, as a validation solution.

EH&S, Safety and Compliance Management

When it comes to staying compliant, it all comes down to you. By ensuring employees have the right tools and training, and are informed of their responsibilities, you can be confident there’s no kink in your supply chain.

With easy access to DG regulatory information for multiple modes, workers can find the information they need faster. Labelmaster Software’s administration features prevent untrained employees from processing shipments. Plus, dangerous goods managers can track shipments across a global network, as well as customize permissions and access for each shipping location.

Supply Chain Management

With safer, faster, more efficient shipping, Labelmaster Software delivers cost and time savings to your supply chain.

DGIS provides a centralized vehicle for managing dangerous goods and creating shipping paperwork, as well as allowing you to track your entire DG shipping operation from one place. Plus, Labelmaster Software’s parts management capabilities enable users to store classifiable information, so you don't have to type details for commonly shipped parts.