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You are three steps away from peace of mind on your DG shipments!

You don't have to be tech savvy or need to get your IT Department involved to benefit from the simplicity of DGIS, and you really only need to know three things to get your hazmat shipment out the door and on its way to customers:

  1. Your Product's UN Number (or Proper Shipping Name) and Quantity
  2. Destination Address
  3. Transport Mode (or Modes if Multi-Modal), Ground, Air, Maritime, Canada TDG, AFSMAN, and More!

What DGIS Does:

  • Validates every shipment every time against the latest regulations
  • Provides precise labeling diagrams for your packages
  • Produces your Dangerous Goods Declaration and other essential forms
  • Saves details for easy access on repeat shipments
  • DGIS is cloud-based that makes it the perfect solution for remote operations to serve multiple locations, allowing your warehouse team can focus on getting orders on trucks!
  • So easy to use, it eases the burden of staff turnover! Keep your DG shipping on course, no matter your staffing situation.

Avoid your shipments from being rejected by carriers or regulators, and keep your customers satisfied with more on-time DG shipments!

See for Yourself

Watch this short video of a shipment being validated, featuring the labeling diagram and the Dangerous Goods Declaration being developed, on a lithium battery shipment.

If you have a particular UN Number you ship and would like us to produce a quick personal video for you, please provide your UN Number and your email address and we will send you the video within 48 hours.