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How Better Software
Boosts Your Bottom Line
How many minutes does it take to validate a DG shipment AND generate a Dangerous Goods document?
How many DG shipments per day does your company ship?
How much revenue does your company earn from each DG shipment? (If you don't know, enter $25)

Extra Revenue Generated
with DGIS...


 Gain Over Current Solution


These are speculative results based on limited inputs; they should not be interpreted as a guarantee of specific results.

DG is complicated. Money is simple.

DGIS takes everything that’s complicated about shipping hazmat and makes it simple. No matter what you’re shipping, what mode you’re using or where it’s going, DGIS creates documentation in seconds and instantly validates your shipment against the latest regulations.

Faster, more efficient processing lets you ship more hazmat in less time — so your operation can
boost revenues and profits.

Fill in this calculator with data from your own operation to see how much more money you can make with DGIS.

You can make more money shipping hazmat.
And we’ll prove it

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