DGIS Express

DGIS Essentials

Ramp up your hazmat shipping efficiency with easy regulatory validation and collaboration tools.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient Dangerous Goods solution with a feature-rich set of most-used functions, DGIS Essentials is ideal for you.


 Dangerous Goods Advisor. Rely on this one-stop hub for all hazardous materials table information. We do the research so you don't have to.

Regular Updates. Stay confident you are always working with the latest regulations from PHMSA, IATA (air), IMDG (maritime), and AFMAN (Mil/Gov).

Address Book & Templates. Save time by storing shipment information as templates and keeping contacts in a simple-to-use address book.

History. Quickly copy a shipment you use frequently.

Label Diagrams. Take the guesswork out of proper labels and placement on outer containers.

e-Signature. Have a digital signature appear on the shipper's declaration.

Multiple User Collaboration. Maintain continuity across locations and sites, and easily scale operations.

Reporting. Downloadable spreadsheet reports for User Activity, Regulatory Access, and Shipment History.

DGIS - Essentials: I don't worry about getting hazmat shipments stopped anymore

Highly Secure
Enhanced security procedures include custom validation and electronic signatures.

Available 24/7
Built with corporate security standards in mind, thanks to its cloud-based software powered by Microsoft Azure.

You'll be preparing hazmat shipments within your first hour with DGIS.

No Installation
DGIS is a fast solution delivered securely through the cloud.

Put DGIS Essentials to Work Today!

Start saving time and avoiding penalties today with a one-year subscription to DGIS Essentials.

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