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As the leading software solution for managing dangerous goods shipping, Labelmaster Software was created to simplify your workday. Whether you ship a few packages a year or oversee a global supply chain, Labelmaster Software helps take the stress out of getting dangerous goods out the door.

Safety, compliance and peace of mind.
DGIS validates your dangerous goods shipment data against the latest regulations so you can ship with certainty.

Automation and efficiency you can rely on.
Tools like templates and parts management simplify the process of preparing DG shipments. Plus, DGIS’ robust regulatory validation can drastically reduce frustrated shipments and improve reliability in your supply chain.

Always available. Always secure.
DGIS is built with corporate security standards in mind. Powered by Microsoft Azure, our cloud based software is available 24/7.

Today's technology! Integrate DGIS with your company using API web services.
The DGIS API/Web Services technology integrates seamlessly with most major ERP platforms, including SAP. Integrating DGIS with your ERP system gives you true best-of-breed logistics technology for streamlined DG compliance.

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