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Learn the ins and outs of Labelmaster Software
to simplify how you ship DG out the door.

The Labelmaster Software support team offers different levels of training: weekly webinars, end-user, administrator, and on-site classes. Our team can provide users with the basics in our weekly webinars of can develop function specific training sessions for your organization, helping ensure your team takes full advantage of the host of suite applications available to them. Contact us for more information on our training services or request Labelmaster Software training today.

Weekly Webinar Training: Free
Focused on getting end-users up and running with the basics. Learn how to:

  • Use the regulations and shipping papers modules of DGIS
  • Access regulations
  • Process dangerous goods shipping forms
  • Change basic user options
  • Locate shipment history

End-User Training: $200
Focused on company specific DGIS processes for user. Learn how to:

  • Use each module of your Labelmaster Software product suite
  • Access regulations
  • Process dangerous goods shipping forms
  • Find critical information for your company's process
  • Change specific user options
  • Locate shipment history

Administrator Training: $300
Focused on helping administrators effectively manage their DGIS settings. Learn how to:

  • Design your portal page
  • Set up your dangerous goods inventory
  • Take advantage of features like reference numbers, templates, and custom validation
  • Manage dangerous goods training of employees
  • Utilize the tools of the administrative module

On-site Training: Variable pricing.
Focused on all types of training through in person classes and support. Learn how to:

  • Utilize all end-user functions
  • Utilize all administrator functions
  • Implement best practices of DGIS
  • Optimize workflow and process with DGIS
  • Benefit from immediate troubleshooting and support

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