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Labelmaster Software is proud to announce our FedEx DG Ready certified software toolkit.

Get a better understanding of how the DGIS FedEx DG Ready toolkit can help your business keep your shipments compliant. Contact us today:

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The Value of Being FedEx DG Ready:

  • Regulatory Confidence: Our FedEx DG Ready certified solutions give you added confidence that your dangerous goods shipment is compliant when offered to FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Freight.
  • Validation Against Current Regulations: Our solutions can help you complete your dangerous goods shipping papers, validate your shipment against the most current regulations and FedEx variations before electronically transmitting your data to FedEx for preliminary validation and acceptance prior to shipping1.
  • Guidance on Package Preparation: Our solutions not only provide robust validation, but also provide guidance on packing, marking, labeling, and more!
  • A Single API: We consolidate DGIS web services and FedEx DG Ready web services into one API. Leverage DGIS within your own system and power your ERP and warehouse management systems within one schema, and take advantage of our experience with FedEx DG Ready services through developer support, developer’s toolkit and technical documentation. Save development time and keep things moving in your systems for any of your FedEx shipments2.
  • Save Valuable Preparation Time: Avoid duplicate data entry by using a FedEx DG Ready solution with new shipping transaction options available in FedEx Web Services and FedEx Ship Manager Server integrated solutions3. FedEx DG Ready shipping transaction options ensure FedEx shipping labels match the requirements of the specific dangerous goods and hazardous materials you transmit to FedEx using a FedEx DG Ready solution.

Overview of Labelmaster Software’s FedEx DG Ready Solutions:

For more information or to schedule a demo, visit our DGIS Solutions Page, or email us at softwaresales@labelmaster.com or call us at 773-279-2259.

About Labelmaster:

In the ever-shifting world of dangerous goods shipping, Labelmaster keeps your business ahead of regulations and compliant every step of the way. Whether you're shipping hazardous materials by land, air or sea, we provide always up-to-date expertise to ensure every shipment runs smoothly. With the most comprehensive assortment of software, products, and services available, every box is checked and nothing is left to chance.

About Labelmaster Software:

Shipping dangerous goods is a complicated, time-consuming process. Labelmaster Software helps eliminate many of the challenges. With the industry's most robust, flexible and advanced dangerous goods and hazmat shipping software, we save you time and keep you compliant no matter where in the world your goods need to go. It's always up-to-date on the latest regulations and our experts provide support every step of the way. With Labelmaster Software, it'll feel like a lot of the hard work is already done.

Important Notices

1 The FedEx DG Ready program is an electronic pre-inspection shipping aid that greatly reduces the chances that your FedEx Express DG or FedEx Ground hazmat shipment will be rejected due to an improperly prepared DG shipping declaration or hazmat shipping paper. The program cannot guarantee the absence of all DG declaration or hazmat shipping paper errors or other errors that may ultimately cause a shipment to be rejected upon FedEx final physical inspection. Individuals tendering a shipment containing DG or hazmat items are responsible for ensuring the shipment is properly classified, packaged, marked, labeled, and identified as DG or hazmat, and includes the correct DG or hazmat documentation.

2 FedEx makes no warranty or claim as to the accuracy or completeness of any DG or hazmat shipping guidance or document provided by any 3rd party DG or hazmat software solution participating in the FedEx DG Ready program. Please carefully read all terms and conditions of any FedEx DG Ready software solution before use.

3 FedEx DG Ready shipping transaction options are available only with FedEx Web Services and FedEx Ship Manager Server versions 2016 or later releases. Not all FedEx compatible 3rd party shipping solutions may offer access to FedEx DG Ready shipping transaction options. FedEx DG Ready shipping transactions are currently available for most FedEx Express DG and FedEx Ground hazmat services. FedEx DG Ready shipping transaction options are not available for DG and hazmat services that can be shipped using only a manual airbill, manual shipping label, or Bill of Lading, such as FedEx International Premium Freight services, FedEx Ground Package Returns Program (pre-approved hazmat shippers only), and all FedEx Freight (LTL) hazmat shipments. Customers shipping DG or hazmat items on a manual (non-automated) airbill or Bill of Lading can still use a FedEx DG Ready solution as an electronic pre-inspection shipping aid, but must manually enter the tracking number from their shipping document into the FedEx DG Ready software solution.