DGIS Software for the Manufacturing Industry


DGIS Manufacturing Hazmat Shipping Software

In today’s supply chain, entire plants can be idled by a delayed delivery. Production schedules depend on every link in the supply chain doing its job right—and right on time.

Leading manufacturers keep their shipments compliant and on schedule with DGIS—simple, easy-to-use software that makes compliant Dangerous Goods processing fast.

For most top organizations, DGIS delivers confidence for shipping:

Flammable Liquids  Corrosive Chemicals  Electronics  Large Format Batteries  Other Dangerous Goods

DGIS is fast and easy to use, creating complete shipment documentation in seconds and instantly validating each shipment against the most current regulations. DGIS gives you:

DGIS High Volume of Shipment

The ability to execute a higher volume of Dangerous Goods shipments every day

DGIS More Productive

The efficiency to make your workers more productive

Shipping Info for all UNs

A dynamic database of shipping information for all your UN numbers

Confidence in Compliance

The confidence that your hazmat shipments are in full compliance with regulations

No other solution offers the speed, simplicity, and instant compliance validation of DGIS.

Other Dangerous Goods

Ready to see what real Dangerous Goods automation can do for your operation?

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